The Easy Step To Gain Volume In Your Hair

Get that mane commercial ready.


Flat and thinning hair is never good news. But, for those struggling with this issue, this simple tip could be the secret to achieving lush locks. The process is described below.
Who wouldn't want to have voluminous, long hair they can show it off? Sadly, many of us have the opposite—sparse locks devoid of gloss.

Luckily, a few tricks can reshape your mane and add volume where it is lacking. While most of them are used after exiting the shower, such as drying and using volumizing products, one should be done before getting wet.

This simple method is "reverse hair washing, pre-shampoo, or pre-poo." It entails applying haircare products before the washing session.



The reverse hair wash process

Professionals recommend applying your nourishing treatment or conditioner before shampooing to gain volume. Beneficial for dry hair, this method allows the hair fiber to be nourished from the inside out.

Although many are now adopting this technique, pre-poo has been a fixture in afro-haircare circles for years.

Indeed, shampooing helps remove lingering chemicals, excess oils, and grime from the scalp. Therefore, your shampoo's cleansing ingredients and pH level raise the hair cuticles.

By the end of a regular wash, your hair loses its dirt and is stripped from its natural oils. These oils are vital for nourishing and protecting hair strands.

So, applying a nourishing agent before washing your locks will limit these adverse effects and retain the protein inside the strands. Furthermore, shampooing will eliminate any lingering product and keep the hair from feeling weighed down by the treatment.

The best pre-shampoo available

A pre-shampoo doesn't necessarily require an expensive treatment; a natural oil will do. Natural oils are preferable because they are less damaging to the hair and easier to work with.

The method is most effective, with oils penetrating deep into the strand to replenish lost moisture. Think almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil. There's a wide range to choose from.

Besides, hair butters, thick conditioners, and aloe vera gel are additional options for reverse hair washing. Finally, if you're a DIY enthusiast, look online for homemade recipes.

The endgame of the pre-shampoo technique? Gorgeous, light, and easy-to-manage silky hair! To have full, fluffy locks, you need only blow-dry them upside-down, eliminate the roots, and employ the pinching technique.

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