Deck Your Lashes With This Festive Beauty Breakthrough

The answer to every xmas wish.


Is that the sound of santa’s bells or just the sound of lose change clattering on the counter as you pay up for that HILARIOUS novelty mug that nobody ever wanted? Either way, Christmas is here, and whether you’re xmas AF or scrooge-in through to New Years, there’s always time to dabble in the trends the festive season brings. This is especially true when said trends give a whole lot of sparkle to all the corners of the makeup kingdom that aren’t quite extra enough. 

Needing no further introduction, enter these flawless glittery tinsel eyelashes. 

The killer xmas look by @coolgirlswearmugler was created by “[gluing] tiny pieces of string from a glittery hair tie”, resulting in thousands of likes on her makeup-heavy insta page. Although the looks aren’t available in a handy little box to buy in store, this insta-inspo is enough to get us ready to up our winter-game all season long. 

Catch the looks below, and for more makeup inspiration, check out our guide on creating the perfect glossy eye.



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Top and preview image via Coolgirlswearmugler