Thousands Protest In London Over Transgender People Exclusion From Conversion Therapy Ban

LGB with the T.


On Sunday protestors and activists gathered outside Downing Street to show their opposition to the government's decision to exclude trans people from a ban on conversion therapy.

During the protest we could hear the crowd shouts "Keep trans in the ban”, “Shame!” or "LGB with the T” while holding signs on which we could read impactful messages like “Destroy the CIS-TEM”, “It’s not torture it’s therapy”, “Keep your agenda off my body” or “You can’t legislate transgender people from existence”. 

A few days ago, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told journalists: "I don't think that it's reasonable for kids to be deemed so-called Gillick-competent to take decisions about their gender or irreversible treatments that they may have. I think there should be parental involvement at the very least” and made it clear that he was supporting the decision to exclude transgender people from conversion therapy ban. 

LGBTQI+ activist Peter Tatchell who spoke during the London protest called out the government for their transphobic position.

“Excluding trans people from protection against abusive, harmful conversion practices is a callous betrayal that will leave vulnerable trans people at the mercy of exorcisms, abuse, emotional blackmail and psychological brow-beating.” he said. 

According to the organizers, more than 3,000 people attended the protest and similar actions took place in Belfast and Dublin at the same time. A new protest in Manchester is also planned for this coming weekend and more cities are likely to follow. 


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