This Trio Of strong Black Women Are Supporting The End Of SARS Movement

Here is how you can help.


Several celebrities including Rhianna, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s publicist have come forward to spread awareness about SARS and have pledged their support for the end SARS movement.

SARS, which stands for special anti-robbery squad is a branch of Nigerian police that has long been known for its history of corruption and violence against citizens. The movement to end SARS began in 2017 and has recently gained more traction and become a global issue due to allegations of police brutality.


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After a video of SARS police brutally shooting a man went viral this October protest have broken out across Nigeria and the UK. This has inspired many celebrities to speak out too including the queen of Fenty Rhianna who shared a graphic image of a blood-stained Nigerian flag with the caption ‘ENDSARS’ on her Instagram. Less than a month into the protests armed soldiers reportedly fired shots into a crowed of peaceful protesters on the 20th of October. The injustices taking place in Nigeria are horrifying and should not go unnoticed. 

Here is how you can help:

Educate yourself and stay informed - Not everything online is accurate so try looking at credible sources. Use your voice - you can spread awareness about what is happening and use the hashtag ‘ END SARS’.Donate - there are a number of organizations such as the feminist coalition that raise money for causes just like this one. 


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