This Time Is Different: Leaders In Hollywood Are Trying To Change The Usage Of Guns In Movies

Following the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Hollywood's most powerful have come together to make a change.


Over 200 film community members have created and signed a pledge vowing to re-evaluate the use of guns in movies and television shows. Following the devastating shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two adults were killed at the hands of gun violence, celebrities, *some* politicians, and regular people like you and me have called for gun control and new gun laws in America. While change should’ve been made decades ago, this time feels different. 

According to Paper magazine, “The pledge promises to show characters engaging in safe gun practices like locking them safely and making them inaccessible to children; having pre-production discussions about the way guns will be portrayed and considering alternatives to gun violence that wouldn’t sacrifice the narrative integrity.” Hollywood powerhouses like Judd Apatow, Shonda Rhimes, and Jimmy Kimmel have signed the pledge to enforce this new narrative.

Another member of Hollywood’s powerful circle, Uvalde-native Matthew McConaughey, spoke at the White House last week to share how this tragedy has deeply affected his hometown and how politicians can improve and change the gun laws established in the United States. Last Sunday, a group of senators created a piece of anti-gun violence legislation that “aims to provide funding for mental health services and increased school safety measures.” In addition to states being allowed to “temporarily confiscate firearms from individuals presenting a danger to themselves or others.” 

The 2,032 school shootings in the United States since 1970 shouldn’t have happened. We can only hope that this time is different, and with the Hollywood leaders, certain politicians, and people fighting for change, hopefully, the right choices will be made to protect children.