6 Things You Should Know Before Growing Hemp Plants

A quick rundown for all weed lovers.


Growing hemp in your household is not anything like planting a rose plant. It is not impossible to have your own cannabis garden, but it is definitely challenging and requires time, patience, and a lot of care to grow the perfect hemp produce. So, instead of listening to hearsay, it is better to take some expert tips to save your money and time.

The best way to get the perfect yield and high quality buds is to grow hemp following the right method of hemp production. So, here is a quick rundown for all weed lovers of important things you must know before planting hemp plant:

Produce Organic Yield

Hemp plant is mostly grown to get the benefits of its CBD compound that has therapeutic properties. Instead of buying the best CBD gummies for Crohn's disease or any other health condition, people grow hemp plants to smoke home grown hemp plant's buds. But if you spray pesticides, fungicides, or inorganic fertilizers, the hemp plant will become toxic. So, if you want to fetch the benefits of CBD to the fullest, grow your yield organically.

Give Nutrients Adequately

Remember giving too much nutrients and supplements to the hemp plant can do harm rather than doing any good. The hemp plant doesn't require a rush of nutrients to grow good yield or more buds. The basic nutrients are more than enough. In fact, providing a perfect environment and basic nutrients to your plants is the best combination to get the desired results.

Strain Selection Matters a Lot

The quality of hemp plants depends on water, light, and air. But these things come later. First, it is important to select the right kind of strain. Two different strains, having different genetics, grow differently even if they are grown in the same environment, nutrients, and light. One strain can give much better results in the same conditions than the other one because it is all about genetics. So, it is better to buy strains with proven results to get high quality yields, more produce, and buds having the required potency.

Keep Proper Airflow to Avoid Molds

The right amount of airflow is very important to keep the plant healthy, grow it faster, and avoid mold and fungus growth. Passage of no air gives way to mold and fungus growth that not only damages the plant but also toxicates it. So, no matter whether you are growing plants indoors or outdoors, you should maintain proper airflow. It can save your plant from White Powdery Mold that grows due to humid and non-moving air. Maintaining great air circulation is essential especially during the flowering stage when buds are growing because smoking mold covered buds is not safe.

You Will Need to Spend Money

Growing cannabis is tricky – we have already talked about it. But you might not know, it is costly as well. Besides buying quality strains, you also need equipment to grow quality yield and provide a favorable environment. You will need following equipment, especially if you grow these plants indoor:

  • Grow light
  • Fan
  • Small ventilator
  • Light reflector
  • Grow tent

These are the basic equipment that are must-have from hemp growers. Besides these, you will also need soil, pots, and maybe a timer and pH meter. So, growing cannabis might give you the pleasure of smoking home grown buds, but you need to spend some money to get this pleasure.

Choose Your Growing Space Wisely

You can grow the plant indoors as well as outdoors. But both these spaces have their own requirements and need different types of care and attention. For example, in outdoor space, you get natural sunlight, while in indoor space, you have to manage light through grow light equipment. Both conditions have pros and cons that should be considered before making any choice. So, choose your growing space depending on your climate, convenience, soil condition, facilities you have, expertise, and how much money you can spend.

Final Words

So, now you know the basics of what to do and what not to do for growing quality hemp yield and big buds. It will give you the starting point to take a dip in cannabis plantation and hopefully your attempt will be successful. You will have to spend money, time and effort, but this whole burn down will be worth it if you get the desired results.

Now what are you waiting for? It's time to order seeds and get down to the plantation. Happy weeding!