The Year Of Digital Runway

Coronavirus has impacted the fashion industry, resulting in online fashion weeks this year.


The fashion industry has been hit incredibly hard by Coronavirus, as fashion shows all around the world have been canceled or delayed.
With Fashion Weeks coming up, yet the second spike looming in many countries, jet-setters aren’t planning their trips to the front rows of runway shows, and instead, are preparing for the digital changes to come.


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However, Paris Fashion Week will still be taking place this year (potentially under social distancing guidelines), from 28 September to 6 October, with physical shows as well as a novel digital platform. Whilst this may seem surprising, and almost a little risky, the Federation de la Houte Couture et de la Mode stated: ‘It will comply with its implementation to the recommendations of public authorities’.
Several fashion houses have chosen to step away from the traditional runway, in this move towards the digital, including Saint Laurent who, like many other designers, are taking this time to reflect, and present work at their own pace. Burberry has also announced their new digital venture: live stream an immersive show from the British countryside.
The plans for New York Fashion Week (supposedly beginning on September 11) have not yet been revealed.


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