The Top 4 Summer Fashion Trends To Try Yourself

We’re seeing new fashion trends in the way of items and style. 


Since we’ve all been locked down inside for so many weeks, there hasn’t been much in the way of fashion outfits gathering steam. This usually takes time to do because various fashion shows have to release different looks and then the best ones will be decided by the public, fashion brands, celebrities and the general mood on social media. None of that has happened this year. Thankfully, the fashion industry is creative and instead of whole looks being developed, we’re seeing new fashion trends in the way of items and style. 

Feeling puffy?

In this new world of social distancing, some kind of clothing that makes us all feel free again will inevitably rise to the top. Puffy sleeves are the answer to our cries. The swell of fabric is focussed around the shoulder. To start off with, it puffs out reasonably close to the skin, but then the sleeve will take over. It's very puffy and drawn outward, so you have a lot of airflow running up your arm. This can be worn in shirts and dresses. The puffy shirt sleeve is great for a modern urban look, but a puffy sleeve dress is great for the suburban chick.

Wrapping it up

Wrapped ankles are the new thing. As everyone will want to wear open toe and open-top shoes, we need something with a bit of extra support. That’s why Roman sandals with leather straps that wrap around your ankles are so popular right now. But even heels with slim straps are quite popular because the lighter materials need a little extra strength to hang onto your feet. Linen sandals are also a good choice because your feet can breathe instead of sweating in the summer heat. 

Radial wrist reform

There used to be a time when there were fashion items for men and others for women. But 2020 is demanding that fashion styles and culture merge with men and women. Women can ditch their dainty rose gold or stainless steel wristwatch, for a classic Casio. But what The history of Casio watches? Early in the 1970s, it became a household name, with many people relying on their Casio watch to give them accurate time. But of course, they became even more popular when they came out with their rectangular digital watch, in 1974. It set the standard ever since. This is nerdy and classical, definitely a style that we’ll be seeing more of.

Low-slung trousers

There’s a big difference between baggy and low-slung. Low-slung trousers are designed to fit low on your waist and hips, but give you back and front more room. The trousers are also wider yet slimmer. They are like the modern version of harem trousers. They can be casual in bold or pastel colors, or you can get them in more formal designs for work, such as cream or black.

Summer is always full of amazing fashion and outfits. But the latter is not something that was given time to develop. Thankfully, these fashion items are trends that anyone can follow.

Top image: EVG photos 

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