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‘The Rookie’ Star Afton Williamson Quits Show Over Sexual Harassment And Discrimination

“I have a platform so it’s time to use my voice”


Afton Williamson who plays one of the main characters, Talia Bishop, in the ABC show ‘The Rookies’ leaves the show after ignored reports of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. The 34-year-old actress shared a lengthy post about her experience on Instagram on Sunday.

She claims to have experienced racism from the hair department and bullying from the executive producers. She also claims to have been sexually harassed by a recurring guest star on the show. Williamson shares in her post that the discrimination from the head department escalated into sexual assault at the wrap party. The head of the hair department was fired after the sexual assault but the racism was ignored for over a year.

The actress reported the sexual harassment to showrunner Alexi Hawley and after a meeting in June with her agent, Hawley, two show producers and a SAG-AFTRA Union Rep., Williamson found out that there was never an investigation into her sexual harassment claims and it never went to HR.

‘The Rookie’ star was assured that the guest star will be fired but she was approached about filming with him the next day for the “courtesy of the script”. He also reappeared at the end of the season on the call sheet and she was written into scenes with him.

She declined starring in season 2 after there was no investigation launched and they already started filming.

ABC and eOne published an official statement responding to Williamson’s:

“The allegations involve a production from Entertainment One. In late June, eOne made us aware and informed us that they launched an investigation that is ongoing,” an ABC spokesperson said. “The safety of working environments is a top priority for us, and we take this matter very seriously.”

Williamson ends her Insta post with an inspiring message to women by writing:

Now is the best time in the world to be a woman and I have a platform so it’s time to use my Voice.”


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