The Perfect Accessories For A Summer At Home

Be just as stylish as if you were out at a music festival!


The sun is coming out, the clouds are vanishing, and every day is a mix of craving ice creams and slathering on the SPF - summer is well on its way. Whereas usually, you might be spending every day out in the parks, sitting in pub gardens, or even jetting off on glamorous adventures, this year will probably be a little bit different. Your trips to the park will be less frequent, pub gardens may not be a common activity, and foreign holidays seem even more unlikely. 2020 will be the summer of staying at home, whether curled by a window or sunbathing in your own garden - but that’s no reason you can’t be just as stylish as if you were out at a music festival! Here are some must-have summer accessories that are perfect for that stay-at-home vibe.

Outdoor Loungewear


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You may not be hitting the club, so don’t fill your wardrobe with gorgeous, sparkly outfits that you won’t get to wear until next summer. Instead, kit out with stylish, comfortable loungewear that’s perfect for sitting out on the grass. Summer jumpsuits are a perfect way to keep yourself cool and breezy, plus they’re basically like stylish pajamas you can wear to the shops. If you want to dress up a little bit more, accessorize with statement jewelry to let your neighbors know you’re still a style queen in and out of quarantine.

Reading Sunglasses


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If you want to be outside but you get bored just sunbathing without friends to chat with, reading is the perfect solution. If you’re someone who needs glasses (or even if you don’t), reading sunglasses are an absolute must-have this summer. They’re a brilliant invention that supports your eyesight whilst also protecting you from the sun, and looking fabulous in the process. There are some great places to order online, such as Just Glasses, so you can browse their selection and find the pair that compliments your face shape and wardrobe.

Parasol Lounge around under one of these, and you’ll be the envy of everyone who peers over the garden fence. There’s nothing more stylish than looking after your skin, and the shade of a parasol can be the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon, providing extra protection from the sun whilst making you look like a 1950s icon of fashion.

Conscious Brands


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This year is the year of revolution, saving the planet, and thinking consciously about our fashion brands. From eco-conscious labels to those which actively support important causes, many fashion brands are trying to do their part, and as a consumer you can help them by using their products. Keep an eye out for the brands which are doing well, such as Glossier, and those who are not. There are some great guides online which can give you information on the practices of each company, and recommend whether they are a good place to put your money. Let your stylish summer feeling shine from the inside as well as the outside, and feel good about all your fashion choices this season.

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