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The Ordinary Is Launching Its First Face Mask

The Ordinary Is Launching Its First Face Mask

Exciting news.


With over fifty products in its constantly expanding range, you would be forgiven for not knowing that The Ordinary didn’t already have face masks. 

The Ordinary kick-started the craze for single ingredient products by launching a range with staggering specificity, offering six retinoids, seven vitamin C serums and a powder, and eight facial oils. No matter how niche your skincare issue seems The Ordinary has a product for you. 

The new Salicylic Acid 2% Masque is primarily designed to tackle breakouts, dull skin, and irregularities in texture. The mask in infused with plenty of cult favorite ingredients such as clay, charcoal and of course salicylic acid. 

The brand said that they chose salicylic acid as it dissolves dead skin and oil, while charcoal and clay are used for deep cleansing and there ability to unclog pores. 

In the past, you use to have to buy a clay mask and a salicylic acid toner separately to reap any benefits but the brand has managed to make the lipophilic properties of salicylic acid work in a mask. 

The mask should be left on no longer than 10 minutes and can be used twice a week, the formula will leave the skin soft, radiant and smooth. 

The mask itself stays slightly pliable once applied so there shouldn’t be as much scrubbing as usually expected with a clay mask.

It will be available online on May 29th priced for $12.


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