The New Summer 2021 Nike Dunk Low Colorway

The sneaker is a nod to past, current and future Nike collections.


With the turn of spring, comes showers of Nike’s planned summer releases. True to form, a smattering of new Nike Dunk Low color ways are set for summer 2021 release. All seem to share similar traits and feature varying combinations of bold, striking, stand-out colors. The latest pre-release photo drop of the next Nike Dunk Low sneaker is no different.

In a nod to those eBay Dunks that famously went for $26,000 in 2003, Nike’s new Dunk Low color-way is a futuristic twist on a re-imagination of the primary colors. The shoe, which is exclusive for women, features a monochromatic leather design with a white front, black sole and inlay, and a vibrant bolt of accessorizing colors. Yellow fronts, red trims, faded-blue backs and a green swoosh, complete the stand-out sneaker, and the multi-color vibrancy works to grab your attention in this otherwise gray spring. 

The yellow fronts are undoubtably what ties the shoe so closely with their predecessor— the famous eBay Dunks— the shoe of which only 3 were created. However, the sneaker also seems a relation of the “Free 99” Nike Dunk Low series. Arguably distant cousins to the lighter colors of the “Free 99”, this new sneaker is reflective of early y2k collegiate colorings, in combination with Nike’s modern-day fascination with black soles and black laces. The sneaker seems to sum up the last 20 years of Nike’s designs in one place— a classic silhouette, bold, striking, and simple color-ways, with black and white highlights.

Whilst an official date for the Nike SNKRS is not yet known, it is likely they will launch this summer— though hopefully not for the $26k their grandfather, the eBay Dunk, went for.


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