The New Nail Trend: Duck Nails

Nail fashion levels up.


There is no doubt that TikTok has had its fair share of questionable trends, but we have to say this ugly duck nail trend is up there with the most unexpected. Apparently, what is “in” at the minute are these flared, fanned out tips decorated with chunky gems and wild designs. We are unsure as to what these resemble, maybe a fan, a duck’s foot, or some ‘90s disco flares. To be honest, how can you describe these beastly creations!? We are always up for a fun new trend, but surely with these baddies attached to your fingers, you are leaving your nail tech saying, “what the heck?” Unless of course, you love the look! 


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You never know what’s around the corner of style these days, so perhaps these expressive creations will take off and we might have to get on board. To be fair, with the flared out tips, we are given more space and possibilities for imaginative designs and charms and we are all for an exuberant expression of creativity and pushing the boundaries of nail fashion! 

As they say, each to their own, this has to be an acquired taste, but still, we are here for it. Although they might not be totally practical and the complete opposite of delicate elegance, these supersized nails could possibly be the new trendy cool. We will be anticipating Kylie Jenner trialing these nails, and if she doesn’t, sorry duck nails, but we are going to have to pass. In the meantime, please be mindful of the length and try not to scratch an eye out. Who knew nails could potentially be weapons? Just kidding! It’s probably a case of trial and error! 


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