The Natural Hair Community’s Crowning Achievement

A new holiday to celebrate the Crown Act bill banning discrimination against natural hair


This legislation was long over-due, but whether your hair is kinky, curly or something in between, you’ll be happy to hear it! We present to you The Crown Act:  Introduced by California State Senator Holly Mitchell to ensure that hair traits historically associated with ethnicity are protected at work and school. The movement is working to create a “more equitable and inclusive beauty experience for Black women and girls”.

July 3 marked the 1-year anniversary of the signing of the bill and was the first of many celebrations of “National Crown Day”. Thousands of pictures flooded social media under the hashtag #PassTheCrown, as women joined forces to celebrate their natural hair. It might be time to retire the saying “real queens fix each other’s crowns” and perhaps just embrace each other’s Crowns for what they are. If you want to help end hair-based discrimination you can sign a petition on

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