The Internet Gets Hyped Over iPhone 12 Leaks

Spoiler: 4 cameras


Doesn’t it feel like yesterday Instagram was going crazy over Portrait Mode? It was first introduced with iPhone 7 in 2016, made possible with its dual lens camera. And iPhone 11 with its 3 cameras has just been made available in September of this year. But based on leaks on the internet, get ready to see new amazing photos that will let you know the new iPhone is here.

Based on leaked info, The new iPhone 12 boasts not two or even three but four cameras (5 if you count the front facing one?). This has led some to expect there could be an evolution into AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities. People are also speculating Portrait Mode will be available for video as well. If iPhone 11 is any indication, the cameras will continue to take better photos at night with Night Mode and capture depth with Portrait Mode.

Not all of the features are innovatively new. Same rumors say the 12 will be smaller and boxier to harken the days of iPhone 4 and 5, reversing the trend of bigger screens we saw in the last couple of models.

What’s for sure is, it’s time to ruin your monthly budget to live your best life–or at least look like you are. We’ll all see in 2020!


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