The Importance of Physical Education

Cognitive development and social connections.


Nowadays, the question arises concerning how much we need physical education in college or at the university while we have so many opportunities to play sports, both for pay and for free. We are sure that physical education must remain in all school and college programs, because it is a matter not only of health, but also of cognitive development and social connections. In this article, we will try to tell you why it is important that such a subject as physical education remains in the curriculum, and what options exist for the development of this subject to make it relevant and interesting for students.

Physical Education Fights back Rising Obesity Numbers

Probably there is not a single health journal, not a single program dedicated to the state of health of our nation now, which would not talk about the problems of excess weight, or obesity among schoolchildren and students. Children as young as five years old are already suffering from severe excess weight and related diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Both the numbers of obesity and the numbers of overweight in the country are only growing. If you look at a map of the distribution of elevated BMI thirty years ago, fifty years ago and now, you will see how 85% of the territories have turned from completely normal and safe areas into dangerous zones of widespread obesity. Physical education is one of the outposts in the fight against overweight children's issues. If we exclude these programs from schools, then we will see an even faster increase in these terrible numbers.

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The main thing is that thanks to Physical Education, you can understand what kind of sport brings pleasure, but what we do with pleasure brings maximum benefit and satisfaction. Sports store now offers affordable clothes and sports equipment.

It Helps Underprivileged Families

If you look back at the statistics related to obesity, you will see that health problems connected with being overweight, eating poorly, and not being active are primarily affecting families with lower incomes. Of course, among families of the middle and upper class, there are people with such issues, but the lower we go down the social strata, the stronger the impact of obesity on the quality of life of people. Most low-income families do not have the opportunity to send their children to some specialized sports clubs and sections, because it is very expensive, and requires not only paying for trainings, but also paying fees, paying for equipment, and also it takes a lot of free time to transport and pick up children to the gyms. Basically, only middle and upper class parents can afford some extra education for their children outside of school. Therefore, the compulsory school subject Physical Education helps the underprivileged family, creating equal conditions for playing sports for children from different social strata

It Shows Students a Variety of Sports

Trying different sports in order to choose a favorite is quite an expensive pleasure, and not everyone can afford it. Moreover, it is not only about money, but also the opportunity to attend classes in the territory of a small city. Physical Education in school and college is based on a variety of physical activities. Of course, it cannot be said that the coolest colleges can give you the opportunity to try all existing sports, but at a minimum, students can get an idea of the main directions, and decide what is best for them personally, and decide what they want to do in the future. Someone may even be able to discover the potential of a real athlete. It is very important that it is not at all necessary that you go in for some kind of sport very deeply and achieve some incredible results. The main thing is that thanks to Physical Education, you can understand what kind of sport brings pleasure, but what we do with pleasure brings maximum benefit and satisfaction.

It Strengthens Self-Discipline 

Physical education, like no other school subject, strengthens self-discipline. The connection between effort and result is very obvious. When a successful student sits at a table and solves Math or writes grammar exercises, it is not clear to other students how much effort he spends to obtain a sustainable result, and from the outside it often seems that he is just so talented, everything comes easily to him, or he is just lucky. But in Physical Education lessons, it is easy to trace the connection, how many efforts a student applies to make sports exercises perfect or how many times he throws a ball into a basketball basket, or how many times he has to perform a jump in order to achieve a result. This is an obvious example that the key to success is self-discipline and perseverance.

It Gives Different Group Dynamic

What activities do people do, what abilities do they show in the process of studying or working, who thinks faster, solves problems, who manages the group, and so on. In a purely academic environment, it is very difficult to jump beyond the limits already set by some study groups. Physical Education classes give students the opportunity to express themselves differently, to show themselves as a leader in sports groups, or to show some special physical abilities that can help students gain respect in a group. Of course, the opposite can also happen, when Physical Education is extremely difficult to some specific children, and because of this they become complex. But it all depends on how the teacher organizes these classes, how strongly he is focused not only on achieving the results of his students, but also on creating a favorable climate for the development of children's abilities and supporting the weaker ones. In fact, Physical Education classes are a unique opportunity to slot students with the help of group sports, to create the atmosphere of friendship and support that students can carry through their whole lives.

It is clear that if you ask people if they enjoyed Physical Education in school or college, then few will give an indifferent answer. You will either hear that the person either loved them very much or hated them. I wonder how your relationship with this discipline developed.