The Highs And Lows Of Cross-national Relationships

These relationships can be wonderful for a wide range of reasons.


Falling in love with someone from another country is certainly a common occurrence. People often meet someone who has settled in their home country, connect with someone online, or even meet with someone when they're traveling. These relationships can be wonderful for a wide range of reasons, but they can also have their challenges. It can be particularly difficult if you live in different countries or don't both have residency in the same country. These challenges can be navigated, but it's important to consider how to balance them with all of the good things. So what challenges might you face?

Long-distance Relationships

Some relationships with people from different countries start out long-distance. These can be tough for people with an established relationship, and even more difficult for those who have never or rarely met in person. Meeting regularly can be logistically hard and expensive, but it's worth it to spend time together. Long-distance couples have always found ways to keep in touch, and it's now easier than it has even been. There's no need for telegrams or letters when you have video calls, texts and instant messaging, and other ways to stay in contact. You can communicate with each other all day, time zones permitting.

Settling Down Together

If your relationship starts in two different countries, getting to the same one can definitely be a challenge. There are issues of visas and work permits to be considered, and moving to a new country is a big deal. Firstly, you have to decide who is moving or even whether both of you could stay new in a third country. Maybe you're already planning to get married, and a fiance visa will help you to make the transition. Perhaps you're planning to live apart at first before moving in together. There are lots of ways to do things, so do what works for you.

What If the Relationship Ends?

You might not want to think about a relationship ending, but it may be an even bigger concern if you're marrying someone from another country. What happens if they (or you) go back home. You might be looking at the issues of handling an international divorce, which can make things trickier. Even if you're not married, splitting up when you moved to a new country for someone else can be tough. Do you stay in the country even if the reason you moved doesn't exist anymore?

Marrying Your Cultures

Mixing two cultures together often makes for an interesting relationship. You might even have a language barrier to overcome. There can be some big and small differences that you need to navigate, from your attitude to family to how you manage money. Your culture isn't necessarily just influenced by the country you grew up in, but your family and other factors too. Exploring your cultural differences might sometimes be difficult, but it's often fun too.

Marrying someone from another country can have its challenges, but there can be a lot to enjoy about it, too, and it can take your life in an unexpected direction.


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