The Girls Guide To Handling A Break Up

Or How Not To Handle It!


The inevitable has happened. The relationship with your S.O that has been dead in the water for a couple of months, has finally come to a head. It appears mutual, you plan to remain friends and you say cheerio to that period of your life. Piece of pie. A few weeks go by and you've probably sent the standard ex text "Hey how's it going?"- there's a bit of back and forth and inane small talk is babbling out of your fingertips. Then he sends the text you've been dreading since you broke up. What do you want to do about the concert tickets in Rome?

How To Deal With Pre-planned Events

Once you've got out of the event, suggest that he sells the tickets and gets a refund on the hotel. You can use that money to do something together somewhere local. That way he won't feel so bad for being knocked down. End the conversation there and leave it with him to get the money back.

Accidently On Purpose, Find A Reason To Use The Flight

You send him a text explaining the situation but the response is not what you hoped. He's beat you at your own game and is taking someone else! The audacity! In this situation, you should calmly explain that he is a liar and that you (sitting on your high pedestal) would never have done such a thing. Not to worry, carry on with your plan, book your flight, the same flight if possible-it's less desperate that way.

Seeing Him Post Break Up

Pass the time in the security queue by going over to say a proper hello. If he ducks into the restroom to avoid you, patiently wait outside for him like a stalker, he can't stay in there all day and he'll appreciate the effort. Casually throw into the conversation that you were supposed to be on the trip with him but you had to go to Rome for other reasons. It'll let her know she wasn't the first choice and you'll look unattainable. Wish them a nice trip and go about your day. Under no circumstances explain yourself or contact them during the trip.

Unsolicited Phone calls

Lastly, book a one way trip to the opposite end of the world, change all your numbers and contact details and you are sure to never see your ex again!