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The Future Is In Berlin And It Welcomes You

A tattoo collective on the forefront of contemporary art in Berlin.


For this cool tattoo collective situated on a quiet street in Berlin, the message is simple, the future is now. Although mainly, a tattoo shop, Future Berlin dwells in transforming their space into a makeshift gallery giving tattoo artists the chance to showcase their art not just on skin but also on paper.

Turning art into political dialogue seems like the underlying theme, their current exhibition brings forth the question, "What Will Our Future Look Like?".  In this exhibition the images made by the artist play with the impending doom of a dystopia created by mankind.

The vernissage of Daan Dam, his third and largest solo exhibition, will take place on August 1, 2019, at FUTURE BERLIN, located on Köpenicker Strasse 99.

Taking the future and seeing its uncertainty, Dam dangles ambiguity to its observers. Never taking things too seriously, he tries to theatrically portray the consequences of mistakes previous generations have made. An exhibition you do not want to miss!

If you're curious about Berlin's tattoo culture, Future Tattoo Collective is where it is at.

This tattoo collective developed a safe space for not only clients but also tattoo artists from around the globe. Setting the example by ensuring security in their mutual dealings and sparking conversation for contemporary discussions. Future Berlin is truly, one of a kind.


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