The Current Baddest Wigs In The Female Rap Game

And how you can rock your own inches.


Unapologetic and bodacious women have been dominating rap for a minute now, with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ debuting at the #1 spot on the Hot 100 last week. The track made history as it was streamed 93 million times in the US alone in its first week, proving just how influential and momentous female rappers have become. Bringing unbeatable bars, ground-breaking visuals and garms we can only dream of owning, female rappers continue to express themselves through every avenue, with hairstyles holding the top spot for ultimate creativity. Here, we take a look at some of the baddest wigs in the game right now, and let you in on how to get started in securing your own inches, whether you’re after synthetic or real human hair wigs.

These women are becoming icons in their own right and have used women’s wigs to evoke creative expression and convey the definition of their music to the world. They’ll be
remembered for how they looked and sounded and how they positively influenced girls worldwide to stand up for themselves and be fearless.

The wigs create a unique and colorful character that best represents messages of individuality and self-expression. Here is the list of the baddest wigs in the female rap game

1. Megan Thee Stallion

None other than the Original Hot Girl. Meg debuted an insane white tiger inspired super-long wig in the ‘WAP’ visual, with a charcoal and silver gradient accented with tiger stripes of the same hues. Created by the ridiculously talented hairdressers Guy Tang and Kellon Deryck, the two explained to about how they had a blast creating the look. Tang commended Megan on her visions for the video, stating, “I loved bringing her ideas to life. It allowed me to be so creative and has inspired so many new ideas to try.”

Megan’s confidence is further strengthened by how she carried a slicked-back straight ponytail on New York Fashion Week despite having a similar hairstyle to another girl. Her hair showed a positive winning attitude that will not crumble amidst an otherwise uncomfortable situation.


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2. Nicki Minaj

Miss Onika Maraj is notorious for showcasing her iconic wild and wacky hairstyles over the years. Although her recent looks may not be as eccentric as those of the Roman Reloaded era, this by no means suggests they are any less fierce. Her June collab with 6ix9ine on the track ‘TROLLZ’ sees her rock a CRAZY-long rainbow wig. Don’t trip, queen. The split design features one side of cherry red, and the other of vibrant yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. Tasty.

Nicki Minaj is the embodiment of unconventional hairstyles, and any adverse reaction she receives is just left ignored. She doesn’t mind even just a bit; she’ll do what she wants and however she wants it. She wants girls to feel proud of their decisions and be comfortable in their own skin.


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3. Cardi B

Going Instagram live on April 14th with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Cardi both voiced her political perspectives and showcased this luscious royal blue wig. In a Hello-Kitty infused take on space buns, the rapper wore the wig in two big bows on the sides of her head. Cute, much?

Cardi B’s wig collection is truly remarkable. Whenever she wears one, she knows that she imprints an unforgettable image on people’s heads. Every wig is a masterpiece; with it, she can quickly transform from a bubblegum princess to a stylish doll.

4. Ivorian Doll

UK Drill rapper Ivorian Doll has been skyrocketing to stardom since her single ‘Rumours’ exploded in April, with her last track ‘Body Bag’ solidifying her as one to watch for the foreseeable future. Infectious beats and a savage delivery aren’t the only things the London-based artist has in the bag; her wig game is all kinds of fire. In a recent Insta post, she bodied an aquamariney wavy style. You ever seen a mermaid that does Drill?


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5. Bree Runway

Singer, rapper and songwriter Bree Runway, also hailing from London, is another example of a powerful female with impeccable style. Her latest single ‘Gucci’ featuring Maliibu Miitch (which she dropped an absolute must-see dance video for) tells us the reason why she describes herself as the love child of Lady Gaga and Lil’ Kim. The artist took to Insta to debut an e-girl-esque black and green upturned bob back in March, serving authentic Y2K vibes with the butterfly clips to match.


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6. Rico Nasty

Since her first ever mixtape in 2014 ‘Summer’s Eve’, Rico just goes from strength to strength, recently announcing her collab with make up brand Il Makiage. The cutthroat trap artist is no stranger to extraordinary styles, but in a recent post showcasing some Savage X Fenty lingerie, of which she is an ambassador, Rico embodied more of a glam aesthetic. The fiery auburn wig serving full sultry lioness came complete with a mixture of crimp and frizz. Come all the way through, versatility!




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When it comes to searching for your own wig, there are a few important factors to think about. Considering your desired length, style, texture, color and cap size will make the process a hell of a lot easier, and save a ton of time. Although wigs may all look the same from the outside, there are many different wig cap constructions which affect how the hair behaves. Wigs offer many benefits, from protecting your natural hair whilst you transition/grow it out to allowing expression through versatility of style, the possibilities are endless!

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