The Best Decor Ideas For Your Halloween Party

Set the vibe of the party.


Halloween is such a fun time; you get to dress up and end indulge in sweets for a night. The ideas are endless on Halloween when it comes to costumes. You can dress up as your favorite movie or video game character, you can be a superhero or a villain, you can pretend to be someone famous like a hit pop star, or go as your tv show character. Nothing better to match amazing costumes than the best decors. It will set the vibe of the party which will guarantee your guests the best experience.

#1. Black and Orange Balloons

You can’t go wrong with black and orange balloons and it’s almost a staple decor for any halloween party. You can get a bunch of helium balloons and just let them sit on the top of your ceiling. It fills up the place which could really complete your halloween decor.

#2. Giant Spiders and Spider Webs

Another halloween staple that you can’t go wrong with. Nothing says halloween than seeing spider webs and huge spiders all around the place. You can achieve the haunted house feel with this decor.

#3. Scary Food Items

Your halloween party wouldn’t be complete if the food you’re serving isn’t with the theme and it’s basically edible food decor. Here are a few ideas:

  • Jello shots that are served inside syringes. Make sure to use red jello!

  • Oreo cheesecake graveyard. Add a lot of crushed oreo on top so that it looks like dirt. Put tombstone props and add gummy worms on top.

  • Eyeball cake pops. Put dripping blood on top of it so that it looks like it’s bleeding when it’s stabbed by a fork.

#4. Witch Pot

If you’re going to be serving candy put it in a witch pot. It serves its purpose while adding to the decor

#5. Specimen Jars

Now here’s something that isn’t being done much. You can buy fake animals, insects, or bugs at your local toy store and then put it in any jar you have at home. Add yellowish or greenish liquid to make it look like it’s been sitting there for a while. Put a string and a tag that says something like specimen: sewer rat, or specimen: poisonous tarantula.

#6. Terrariums

You’ll also need a jar for this. Just add twigs and webs and a few toy spiders inside. Just a little details that you can add as decor but still very creepy.

#7. Dripping Candles


This can be easily bought at arts and craft stores but you can also make one. Just dribble glue from a hot glue gun all over a piece of cup to make it look like a long burning candle. Once it’s dried up, add a battery operated tealight in the middle. What makes the DIY candle look really good is that when it’s placed under black light it will glow in the dark.

Getting decors for your halloween party does not have to be expensive. You can DIY some of the stuff in this list or you can use promos or discounts like a wristband express coupon to save some money when you shop for your party.