The Benefits of Jojoba Oil During Winter Months

The 100% organic, pure and unrefined oil which keeps hair, skin and nails feeling beautiful.


During the cold, dark months of winter our hair, skin and nails can look a bit lack lustre. The reduced amount of sunlight means our skin lacks vitamin D, a vital nutrient for smooth, clear skin. On top of this, the warmth of the radiator and constant air cons can make our skin susceptible to drying out. During the cold, dry weather, our nails can become dehydrated and more brittle, leaving them more likely to break or split. What if, with Jojoba oil, you could change all of that?
Jojoba oil has high levels of Vitamin E and Omega 6. The Omega 6 essential fatty acids hydrate and promote skin rejuvenation whilst the vitamin E makes hair, skin and nails grow stronger and healthier. Along with these benefits, using an organic, pure oil can help hydrate the skin, limit drying out and prevent breakage in hair and nails. 

How To Use

Why not treat your skin to a deep cleanse using a gentle exfoliant and face mask? Once your skin is clean and your pores are open, apply jojoba oil, only 2-3 drops, and massage into your skin. The oils will slowly absorb into your skin, moisturizing through each layer, leaving it feeling smooth and radiant and will prevent drying out after a warm shower. Avoid applying make-up or other products for at least 5 minutes to allow the oils to absorb fully and get the full benefits! 

If your hair’s prone to breakage, after a shower, apply two-three drops of jojoba oil to a leave in conditioner and rub lightly from root to tip, focusing on the oils reaching down each strand. This will moisturise each strand so when you go to dry, straighten or curl it later, less breakage will happen. It also leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny! 

If your nails are vulnerable to breaking, a few drops of jojoba oil can help! Remove all nail varnish and ensure your hands are clean and free from products. Using a couple of drops of jojoba oil, massage into each individual nail. The oils will absorb into and around your nails preventing drying out and strengthening the nails themselves. It also means you can treat yourself to a nice hand massage and rubbing it in will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth! 

Jojoba oil is good all year round, but during the cold winter, it’s a must! Why not treat yourself and give you hair, skin and nails a little extra care during the dark months! You can also use pure vitamin E oil and take omega-6 supplements for similar benefits to help your hair, skin and nails all year round! 


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