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The Beauty Product Everyone With A Tattoo Must Purchase

Remember tattoos aren’t temporary…


Tending to your tattoo has never been easier thanks to Beiersdorf. The German skincare specialists have launched a beauty product made especially for Tattooed skin!

In today’s population, a tattoo is the next best accessory which is why now is exactly the right time to launch a product like SKIN STORIES. Wear and tear of a tattoo is inevitable IF you don’t take the right precautions. Intense sunlight, friction from clothing and failing to keep a healthy skincare routine are easy ways of causing a tattoo to fade or distort before it’s time.

It’s just as important to care for your tattoo months after as it is in the first few days. Tattoo parlors stress the importance of correctly cleaning and caring for a tattoo in the early stages but this needs to be maintained.

Two tattoo artists and contributors to the development of SKIN STORIES, Baer & Böcher, explained that those with tattoos should be looking for products where “vitamin E and panthenol are included”. Thanks to Beiersdorf, we no longer have to search for the tiny print on a moisturizer because with SKIN STORIES we know what we’re getting. 

Baer & Böcher, the tattooed twosome, recommend Beiersdorf’s new beauty products for all those with body art. SKIN STORIES bring to you a sun-protective stick, body lotion, repair balm and defining serum. These four amazing products promise to keep your body art healthy and maximized.

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During the LolaPalooza Festival in Berlin, we got invited to the exclusive SKIN STORIES VIP-log. Guests had the chance to experience the brand live on the weekend, to interact with the co-founders of SKIN STORIES and to have their long-awaited tattoo spot. Peep some pics of the event below!
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