The 6 Piercings That Have Health Benefits!

Who knew we NEEDED acupuncture?


Acupuncture is a well-known tradition in Chinese medicine that dates back 3,000 years. 
A type of acupuncture called auriculotherapy has been studied, and evidence shows that it can aid conditions such as ‘migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation and one’s overall wellbeing’. So how amazing is it that we have over 200 acupressure points in our ears!

Certain piercings have made a name for themselves, for helping people combat mind and body issues.

Here are the 6 piercings which will help benefit your overall health:

DAITH - located on the inside fold of your ear, a daith piercing has shown benefits of elevating symptoms of migraines. I want to add though, that no amount of evidence has yet to clarify that this piercing can be the ultimate cure for migraines.


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TRAGUS - based at the front of your ear canal, this cartilage piercing stimulates your tragus nerve which, in return, helps reduce anxiety, appetite and migraines.  


HELIX - this cartilage piercing is among the most popular piercings of today. Located on the outer, upmost part of your ear, it is said to ease allergies whilst suppressing congestion and sore throat symptoms. 


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FORWARD HELIX - another cartilage piercing that’s found at the front part of your ear, has some evidence of aiding muscle tension, as well as ‘encouraging blood circulation’. Some say that due to the increase of blood flow, it can prevent wrinkles! 


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CONCH - this piercing is named after the lower spiral part of your ear (it’s literally called Conch too!). Rumor has it that it helps relax muscles and fights against chronic pain. 


ROOK-  found in the inner section of your ear, this final piercing combats stress and provides migraine relief. 


For those who aren’t a fan of needles and are interested in the above… try Ear Seeding!

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