10 Homeware Gifts Under $50 Your Friends Will Love

Including THOSE candles you’ve seen everywhere.


Moving to a new house is stressful enough in normal life, never mind during a pandemic. House deposits and rent rates have went through the roof, making it harder than ever to make a move. So, if your friend is uprooting during this time, help them make their new home cute from day 1 by bringing them one of these purse-friendly gifts.

1. Clam Shell Bowl – $46

You’ve probably seen shell bowls all over your Insta feed. The trend was started by scallop loving brand Matilda Goad, although her beachy bowls will set you back around $240. 

2. Baby Pink Goddess Candle - $21

Complete your shelves with this gorgeous pink goddess candle and light it at your next full moon ritual. 

3. Marilyn Manson by Perou Book - $63

Ok, so this one is slightly over $50 but this book will be such a conversation starter. Titled ‘21 Years in Hell’, it is full of iconic photographs of Manson by photographer Perou, who has been working with the singer for over 2 decades. 

4. Edition 94 Swirl Candles - $9

Influencers have been loving these rainbow-hued twists candles from Brit brand Edition 94. The only decision is, how many colors will you buy?

5. Zara Home Two Tone Water Pitcher - $49

If a rustic water pitcher doesn’t say “I know how to adult,” I don’t know what does. 

6. H&M Fleece Throw with Fringe - $30

Who wouldn’t want to have a cozy nap on the sofa with this super soft throw blanket?

7. Matisse Floral Poster - $10

Does it matter that you wouldn’t know a Matisse painting if it smacked you in the face? No, it doesn’t. 

8. Confident Woman Jewelry Dish - $22

A cute affirmation as you put on your jewels for the day. We love this dish from Black-owned brand The Pink Locket. 

9. Polka Pastel Wine Glasses - $53

Sorry, I’m over budget again, but what’s $3 when you’re sipping wine out of these? Think of the photo ops. 

10. Palm Candle Holder - $29

Bring the holiday indoors this year. We love this quirky but luxe palm tree candle holder from Anna + Nina. 


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