Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Usage Has Become The Next Best Meme

“Two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying.”


A few days ago, a list of the total carbon emissions from celebrity’s private jets was released, and Taylor Swift was at the top. According to Insider, the “analysis showed her private jet has emitted 8,293.54 tonnes of carbon emissions since the beginning of the year.” While some fans were quick to come to the pop star's defense, others were making memes about her using her private jet for mundane tasks such as getting a glass of water from her kitchen.

Swift’s reps quickly responded to the claims that the singer was solely responsible for all of the emissions. Supposedly, her “jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals.” However, some fans and onlookers questioned the credibility of the stats released. 

While Swift may not be the only one using her jet, she (along with other celebrities on that list; I’m looking at you, Oprah) has spoken up about climate change and its drastic effects on our planet. So even though we can’t stop celebrities from using luxuries, such as private jets, that we normies don’t have, at least we can make memes about it…