New Song From Taloula's 'B.I.W.F.' Is Jazz-Infused Dystopian R&B

East London's musical trailblazer delivers message of empowerment and self-discovery.


Taloula, an East-London-based producer, songwriter, and vocalist, continues her musical journey with her latest release, "B.I.W.F." Published through Bamboo Recordings, this track showcases her unique blend of jazz influences and early 2000s R&B vibes. With a dystopian backdrop and captivating vocals, Taloula's music champions self-expression and vulnerability, resonating with those seeking creative freedom.

With jazz undertones that mirror her vibrant, free-form musicality, "B.I.W.F." cements Taloula's unique blend of psychedelic sounds. Evoking the spirit of early 2000s R&B, the track's dystopian backdrop, driven by funk-infused bass lines and sharp percussion, creates a rich canvas for Taloula's honey-soaked vocals. Her lyrical prowess shines as she embarks on a journey of self-enlightenment, championing vulnerability and inspiring a new generation of free-thinkers on their creative paths. Taloula, a versatile talent, is perched on the verge of mainstream recognition, showing no signs of slowing down.

Speaking about "B.I.W.F.," Taloula emphasizes its message of empowerment and self-discovery. With Yemeni heritage, Taloula started her music career in Paris as the French pop star TAL, amassing over 100 million streams. She later moved to London, where her authentic sound flourished. 

Taloula's upcoming debut album promises to solidify her as a rising star in the R&B landscape.