Talkspace: The Online Therapy Provider Ventures Into Psychiatry

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Talkspace is a digital health organization whose aim is to provide online therapy to everyone who needs it. With the intention of doing it successfully, they have hired Neil Leibowitz who previously worked at the UnitedHealth Group as a topmost behavioral health medical director. He has expressed his support for their move saying that even though most clinicians prefer traditional to online therapy, the latter is better since it is centered on the patients and their needs.

Why choose Online Therapy over Traditional Therapy?
The online approach to therapy has several advantages over traditional therapy. Here are some reasons why most people will love having their therapy sessions online.

It is Convenient 

With online therapy, patients can easily access the services. They do not have to visit the offices of their therapists unlike in traditional therapy. They can use their phones to make calls or send texts. They can also decide to use emails and video chats, which allows them to get the help they need no matter where they are and at any time. It also saves them time and energy since they do not have to make trips to and from their therapist's place.

It is Cost-effective

Again, online therapy is way cheaper than traditional therapy. Hence patients can spend less and still fully benefit from the service. If a patient doesn't have enough money to hire a traditional therapist, they can go for it since it is affordable. It is also the best option if they want to save up and spend money on their other needs.
As Neil Leibowitz revealed, he also wants to help Talkspace get into other ventures.


The medical officer wants the company to have all the necessary resources to be able to provide psychiatry services to their patients by the end of 2018. This could massively increase their number of customers. To make this move successful, they have to look for the best ways to analyze patients for specific medical conditions.

Primary Care Practices

Leibowitz also wants the health company to get more involved with primary care practices. This allows them to acquire critical psychiatric information that will enable physicians to make better treatment decisions.

There is no doubt that online therapy can be beneficial and patients should go to Talkspace for it.
To begin with, it is flexible hence the therapist and the patient can find time that they are both comfortable with. When they find the perfect opportunity, both parties can give their best during the session since they will not be hasty to leave and take care of other issues. Also, each patient can choose what they think is best for them: texts, video chats or calls. This means that Talkspace online therapy sessions will be more efficient and patients can benefit fully.
Again, patients who have registered for Talkspace online therapy can change therapists whenever they want. If one is not giving them their best, they can freely go for another, and they do not have to tell them everything that they said the previous one.

With the provision of online therapy sessions, Talkspace allows their patients to talk to their therapists whenever they want to. It is flexible and more convenient for both parties. With the help of their new, and first, chief medical officer, they can be able to venture into psychiatry. This will enable more patients to benefit from their services.


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