Take A Look At These Celeb's Stylish Living Rooms

Sorry, just the living rooms, but wow they are fabulous


We are no Architectural Digest, but we can give you a little sneak peek into the stylish interiors of these celebs. From grand ceilings, unique cushions and innovative lighting, these homes are the definition of tres chic and are true inspo for your home decor.

Patrick Dempsey’s Malibu Home 

Custom-made upholstered sofas sit in front of a warm fireplace and a wall filled with logs surrounded by green plants that give vibrant color to this family home. Dempsey's chosen design is simple yet effective, touched with small detailing to complement this beautiful space says Decor Fácil.

Taylor Hill’s Nashville Home 

Creating her own perfect sanctuary, Taylor designed her cosy living room with exposed log-and-mortar walls and a stone mantle fireplace for an inviting feel. An eclectic mix of furnishings from shearling-covered chairs and local antique pieces are scattered across the room below authentic ceiling beams. 

Jason Statham’s Malibu Beach House 

With a huge landscape window stretching across the back wall of the front room, Statham connects his soul to the outside beaches through interior design. With minimalist furnishings like clean white couches and Scandivanian wooden chairs, the sitting room’s aesthetic perfectly embodies the actor’s desire to live simply and close to the beauty of nature. 

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s Sustainable L.A. Farmhouse

The reclaimed wood panelling that lines the high walls of the sitting room is complemented by large windows allowing light to flood in. The palette of rugged materials and mixed textures gives the room an air of contemporary rusticity. A space of individual refined aesthetic that celebrates the masterful crafts of architecture. 

Ralph Lauren’s Bedford, NY Residence 

Representing the American Gentleman, Ralph Lauren’s living room is powerful and intense. Preferring mahogany panelling and highly polished Georgian furniture, Lauren’s sitting room is decorated with tartan prints and Persian carpets creating an atmosphere of warmth and energy. 

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