Surviving Self-Isolation as a Student

We know you’ve got this.


You just arrived at university from a red or amber country, and you have to self-isolate? Or you have contracted Covid-19, and you have to self-isolate in your university accommodation? 

We understand it is not what you imagined the start of your semester to be like! We all want to make new friends and socialize. Instead, we’re scared of going crazy in the student accommodation. We’re here to give you some tips and tricks to make time fly, and you will have overcome the ten days in no time!

Work out a routine!
Yes, we understand that spending the day in bed sounds great because there is nothing better to do unless you are unwell. Try to get up and go to bed at reasonable times and stick to these times during isolation. It helps to stick to usual meal times. Otherwise, the days might become a blur and feel monotonous. 

Prep ahead!
You have all the time to start revising for your uni work! Plan future projects and assignments and start working on the essay early! You can also try to write a book or diary, get creative and use the opportunity of doing something you otherwise might push aside or do not have time to catch up on!

Seize the day!
We advise you to plan what you will do for the day and not think too far ahead. It makes the current situation less overwhelming and more manageable. Download an online calendar and create a timetable of manageable chunks of one or two hours of specific tasks you would like to complete. You could finish the chapter in your book, do a home workout or continue on artwork. 

Keep in touch with friends and family!
Although you are in isolation, you should not isolate yourself completely. Keep in touch with family and friends! Talk to someone you trust and let them know how you feel! Your university or school might have a hotline that allows you to talk to someone about your feelings or have a chat if you are feeling lonely.

The next few days will be challenging, and self-isolation is not what we signed up for. Still, if we all put in the effort to stop the spread, we will make everyone around us safer, and it is a step back into our normal lives! We can get through this together. Stay strong!

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