21-Year-Old Holds Every Supreme Box Logo T-Shirt From 1994-2020

21-Year-Old Holds Every Supreme Box Logo T-Shirt From 1994-2020

Set to auction with Christie’s


The world-renowned British auction house, Christie’s has announced its latest auction sale. A collection of every single Supreme Box Logo t-shirt from 1994 to 2020 is circulating the internet and streetwear world. 

Reportedly collected by 21-year-old James Bogart, the collection of 252 in total holds some of the most sort-after and even rare collaborations tees, including BAPE, Louis Vuitton, Jackson Pollock and Damien Hirst. The sale is expected to be worth $2 million USD and is said to be the most valuable Supreme collection ever in a single sale.

During an interview with Fashionista, Bogart said: “I started collecting Supreme six years ago, when I was 15. Since then I’ve been buying, trading and selling items. That’s always been the aim and direction: just accumulate as much as humanly possible. But it’s basically been a non-stop five-year hunt to accumulate this collection,”

“The most difficult one to get was probably a 1997 red box-logo Arabic font tee. It was absolutely impossible; people have only ever seen one in existence. I think it was maybe because it was traditionally not very popular amongst the New York crowd in 1997. I found it with a collector from Long Island,”

“For me and the people who really enjoy the hunt and collecting everything, specifically for the box logo T-shirts, it's such a large accomplishment that I feel that it needs to be shared on a large stage, and the best way to do that is putting it up for sale. It's not doing me any favors sitting there complete anymore.”

The auction of the exclusive Supreme Box Logo T-shirt collection from 1994 – 2020 will take place online at Christie’s, starting December 1 to December 15.

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