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Boost Your Summer Glow Through An Easy Morning Routine

Set up an awesome beginning of the day.


Summer is the season for girls to bloom. With the arrival of this shining season, a growing number of Youtubers, bloggers and Instagramers started to share their morning routines which aim to set up an awesome beginning of the day. This article concludes 6 generally shared ideas on Internet, thereby offers some inspirations for you to design your own easy-peasy morning routine and boost your summer glow!

1. Brekkie!

Breakfast is acknowledged by nutritionists as the most important meal of the day. So treating your belly with an easy and yummy breakfast is the fundamental step to boost your daily energy. And this can be achieved just by getting up 10 minutes earlier. If your tongue prefers something sweet in the morning, yogurt with muesli can be the easiest option, and this can also be topped up with various fruits, depending on your own taste. 

2. Iced Black Coffee

Facing with the summer heat, an iced coffee in the morning can not only wake up, but also cool you down. However, for the girls who regularly experience leg edema in the hot weather, an iced black coffee is more recommended than an iced milk coffee. Because black coffee can accelerate the circulation of water in your body and then effectively prevent you from the annoying leg edema.

3. DIY Your Colorful Fruity Drink - Mood Booster!

It's time to say goodbye to the boring lemon water, the mixed fruity water has become the new summer mood booster. Besides lemon, you can throw blueberry, strawberry or any other fruits you like into the icy sparkling water. This DIY fruity water is not only a healthy tasty drink, but also a colorful visual feast to uplift your mood. Stay fruity, and stay hydrated!

4. Daily Skin-Care Routine

A simple but thorough skin-care routine in the morning can greatly improve your skin condition. An easy 4 step skin-care process is frequently talked by many beauty Youtubers in their morning routine videos. The first step is cleaning your face by using a cleansing product, and this step is to set a pure basic to maximally absorb further skin nutrition. The second step is putting an eye cream, since the eye area is the easiest part for wrinkles to appear. After the eye cream, it’s followed by the serum which should be chosen on the basis of the current biggest problem or need of your skin. The final fourth step is the moisture day cream. An important point to be noted here is that all the products should be selected according to your skin type, for example, the skin need differs a lot from oily skin to dry skin.

5. A Fast Facial Mask!

If you got some extra time, or if you have an important meeting, or if you are going to a date later that day, a fast facial mask could be added in the morning skin-care procedure. The cleanse mask and the hydrate mask are the most recommended ones. A cleanse mask will remove the impurities on your face, and then reveals the natural glow in your skin. However, a hydrojelly mask will ensure your skin stays moisturized, and then make your makeup stay longer.

6. Sun Protection Is A Must!

Getting a sun tan is always the summer trend. However, getting a sun tan without sun protection is not wise. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun accelerates the aging process of skin, and more seriously, is the major cause of skin cancer. Therefore the sun protection is the indispensible step in your morning routine before heading out.

My beauty, now you are ready to start your day!

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