Streets Of Curves: A Curvacious Guide To Streetwear

No discrimination when it comes to clothes.


Streetwear doesn't care about your name. It doesn't care about your age. It doesn't care about the size of your wallet, sexuality, or clothing size. But streetwear designers sometimes don't cater for curvier women, which we hope in the very near future will change! Streetwear is about inclusion. We don't want women to miss out on the latest trends so we did a little searching for you! 

Our where-to-shop-guide for curvy women's streetwear fresh-ness is out, with a few dope pieces personally picked out by us ladies at HQ.

Thank us later when the homeboy be checking you out dripping.

Simply Be

Our number one personal fave right now! Praise be to Simply Be! Catering to sizes 12-32, this  UK based online store has won accolades left, right and center. From Drapers Award in 2015 for best digital campaign to British Plus Size Awards for best swimwear range, and best curvy collection two years running! TWO YEARS! Simply Be celebrates women's curves and it is so affordable! 

Staff Pick: 

The Red Denim Pinafore.

Shop it here for $40.

Wear a white tee, crop top, dare we saw bra-less and just this on? Trans-seasonal and sure to get you a hell of a lot of looks, the good ones that is and a lot of envious stares. 


Missguided+ is a go to for bad-ass-ness. Stocking sizes 12-20, if you like something in the petite section, guaranteed it will be in the Missguided+ section. Promising not to compromise on quality and instead celebrate women's curves and all!

Staff Pick:

Curve blue camo combat pants. 

Shop it here for $52.

Another trans-seasonal tough AF pant to take a basic tee or hoodie or crop from meh to, dope AF. 

Pretty Little Thing

The little sister to Boohoo with a size range of 18-24. PLT is loved amongst Instagramers and celebs alike, with a few collaborations from Kourtney Kardashian and Karl Kani ft. Teyanna Taylor (Cue in the fire emoji!!!)!

Staff Pick:

Plus Black Oversized Striped Blazer Dress.

Shop it here for $45.

Just letting everyone know you mean business. 


The big sister also made it onto our list! Your one stop shop to stock up on it all! From basics to fashion forward pieces! Stocking sizes 16-24 and a collection with Nadia Aboulhosn!!

Staff Pick:

Plus Poppy Skinny Square Neck Co-ord.

Shop it here for $15

Wardrobe staple and it even has matching biker shorts! Must have in your closet!


US based online store, the brain child of Marie Claire and InStyle fashion editors Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. From size 12-30, you'll never not find something here! If you are more an elegant streetwear girl then Premme is for you!

Staff Pick:

Organza Trench.

Shop it here for $99.

You'll feel like the Princess Diana of Streetwear in this! 

Get shopping! No excuses now, we did the research, you do the credit card damage. 


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