We Meet Skater and Salon Skateboards Founder Stefani Nurding in London

Including quick fire Q&A!


Stefani Nurding is no noob to the world of skateboarding. She's the queen of shredding in heels, loves everything pink, runs her own skate brand, Salon Skateboards, and is a well-established Influencer in London City.

We first introduced you to Stefani in 2016; a lot has happened since then. Her following doubled, her business grew, and she became a mother to her now four-year-old son.

We caught up with Stefani last week and took the opportunity to capture her in a fun and vibrant Arcade setting; shout out to Funland for being so kind to let us shoot there. Scroll through the images and Q&A below:

"Goals? Do a backflip on my snowboard again."


Stefani, describe yourself in 3 words:

Imaginative, loving, positive.

Five fashion items you can't live without?

Puffer jackets, tracksuits, skorts, hair ties, and tiny bags.

3 songs currently playing on your Spotify playlist:

Nwantiti 'Joe Boy', Trajic 'Kid Laroi', Buzzkill 'Baby Queen'.

What is your biggest fear?

Not giving 100% to my dreams.

If you were a sneaker, which one would you be and why?

There's a special place in my heart for a high-top shoe with a flat sole, good for the gym, for skateboarding, and looks cute with skirts :))

"Biggest fear? Not giving 100% to my dreams."


How did you get into skateboarding?

I learned the basics as a kid, and I've been involved in surfing my whole life because I'm from near the sea in England; I picked it up properly at 18 and started doing it a lot.

What's your favorite skate trick?

Half cab flip feels so good :) 

Would you date a skater?

Yeah I could; skateboarders can be open-minded and fun people with passion for life and travel, and I think that could be a fun relationship with shared interests.

What's the meanest thing people said to you on the internet?

I got emailed death threats for a while when I was first doing the pink VXs.


  1. Growing my brand @salon_skateboards 
  2. Creating more fun content in nice locations
  3. Hosting events and community projects 
  4. Do a backflip on my snowboard again (I haven't done since I was a teenager)
  5. Enjoy the year
Follow Stefani on Instagram @stefaninurdingxx
Photography: Brit The Kid @britthekid
Styling: @empresslinoleum
Location: Funland, Brunswick Square, London

Stefani is wearing a tracksuit, skirt, and top by OTTI, and trainers by Sergio Tacchini BB Court Lo.

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