Antibiotics failing your Acne? Before You Take The Spironolactone Plunge Read This!

Science coming in with the assist.


Acne ain’t easy, whether you’re a pre-teen, teen or an adult. Trust me here at Fizzy Mag we understand the acne struggle. We’ve lathered the lotion, we’ve done the skin peels, we’ve washed our faces with every product that's on the shelf. We’ve tried to cover it up, we’ve told our doctors and we got prescriptions. But acne is a war that sometimes doesn’t end. So before you pop another pill or get another peel, we’ve turned to science to see whats the most effective way to help us in this battle.   

One of the frontline treatments when acne does not respond to anything is antibiotics. Those of us with acne know its not an over night, two week, or one month solution. Acne takes a while to respond to medication. But a new study has found that there could be a safer common drug at least as effective as antibiotics. Sometimes you can develop a resistance to antibiotics.  

Recently published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Dr. Barbieri’s study compared 31,000 women and girls prescribed tetracycline antibiotics — commonly prescribed for acne, and  6,600 women and girls prescribed spironolactone — commonly prescribed for blood pressure that has been used as a treatment for hormonal caused acne. The study focused on the effectiveness of each line of treatment by comparing how many women from each treatment group swapped their medications within the first year because it didn’t do a damn thing. 

Surprisingly, the spironolactone group swapped their medication only 1% more than the antibiotic group! Meaning? Spironolactone is inferred to be as effective as antibiotics when treating acne.  Barbieri and his team suggest that spironolactone could be used for patients who have developed antibiotic resistance.

But hold on! There are side effects to both medications. While science is still working to find the safest options for our combat with acne, you still need to weigh up the risk factors of both medications with your doctor.  While one study might say this is really effective totally go for it! There is always another study that completely contradicts it and says do not touch the stuff. 

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