Sophia Alexa's "Hall Pass": Navigating Self-Sabotage Through Melodic Folk-Pop

Songstress explores vulnerability in new single.


Folk-inspired pop singer-songwriter Sophia Alexa returns with her first track of 2023, “Hall Pass”.

On the story behind the creation of “Hall Pass” Sophia shares; “I wrote hall pass because I wanted to capture the feeling of self-sabotage. I’ve always had this fear that when something is going too well I’m just waiting for it to fall apart. It’s almost a form of protection and being okay with someone leaving before you get hurt, which is why I loved the title hall pass, it’s giving someone an out.”

Positioning herself at the heart of the beloved genre of folk-pop, Sophia shines bright, sharing her tender, inner thoughts to the sound of blissfully melodic harmonies. 

“Hall Pass” is an introspective track, which delves into the defense mechanisms Sophia uses to protect herself from getting hurt. Her self awareness is blinding, but these feelings are too ingrained in her to be ignored. This tendency is undoubtedly something that will resonate with many, making it a relatable track to the masses. 

As an artist who has been immersed in music from multiple different cultures throughout her life, due to having German and American parents, being born in California, raised in Amsterdam and now being based in London for the last 10 years, it is clear she has taken influence from all those separate walks of life to create a sound that is unique to Sophia Alexa.