Sony Responds to Allegations of Sexism and Misconduct

Both former and current PlayStation employees have accused the company of sexism and misconduct.


In November of 2021 Sony had a lawsuit filed against them by eight women who have worked at or currently work at PlayStation and Sony have made various claims against the company, including accusations of sexism and misconduct. The claims involve allegations of hostility from those working within Human Resources, condescending comments, sexism when promoting within the company, and incidents of groping. 

Sony has since responded to the accusations emphasising that they take the claims extremely seriously and stating that they are going to make changes within the company as a result. They did use the statement as an opportunity to highlight that many of those who filed the complaints no longer work for the company but also said that “SIE values its female employees and takes proactive steps to ensure they have every opportunity to thrive and be heard.” Although this was Sony’s first acknowledgment of the accusations, the statement did not directly address Emma Majo’s lawsuit or the subsequent hearing that Sony requested to attempt to dismiss the filing which is coming up in April of this year. 

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