Hyping Up Women In Music: Songwriting Saves the World Podcast

It's worth a listen!


By and for musicians, Songwriting Saves The World is a forward-thinking music podcast run by female songwriters Sasha Bellentine and Annick Blaize. Showcasing the stories of women in music, women of color and queer women, in particular, the show is really focused on unity between women in music and sharing advice and inspiration amongst that community.

Recognising the gender bias within the music industry, the podcast reflects and highlights topics surrounding co-writing, connections, royalties, whilst sharing real and raw advice such as ‘onstage anxiety, Black Lives Matter movement, and marketing.’’ 

It’s not unknown that the music industry still has a long way to go for gender equality. Women are underrepresented whilst opportunities crumble and ambitions are stonewalled. Conversations like these sparked the idea of Songwriting Saves The World. Not only raising awareness of these issues, podcast hosts and songwriters Sasha and Annick share their wise career advice after having faced similar roadblocks in the industry. 

Placing women first in music, each episode showcases the stories of up and coming musicians who share their personal experiences within the industry. In season one we hear from Composer Rebecca Jordan Smith whose songs are recorded by Prince and John Legend amongst Mishko, Lula Pilar, Stevie Bill and so much more. 

Focusing on women behind the scenes in music from publicists and record label executives to songwriters and producers, season two of Songwriting Saves The World has a very exciting lineup. Some of these guests include Brandra Ringo (VP of A&R at Warner Chappell Music) and Jenna Andrews, Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer for everyone from Drake to Jessie J.

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