Step Up Your Feet Stylin' Game With These 4 Looks

Make love to your sneakers <3


Someone once told me that if you really want to freak out a person, don't make eye contact but stare at their shoes. Stare at their shoes, and regardless of whether a toe is sticking out or you envy their sneaker game, give them five seconds and they'll ask if something's wrong. With that in mind, it definitely doesn't hurt to get ahead of the feet game, so that no one has a hope in hell of catching you out. Give 'em a little bling to blind their staring eyes with!

For the average fashionista, shoes are just an outfit accessory, but why not tone down the rest and light up the best? Clip your toenails, treat yourself with an early Christmas present and get inspired by our frisky sneaker styling kit!



The "I liked Tokio Hotel before they were famous outside of Germany" styling kit

SNEAKERS: Nike Air Max 95 iD $95.00, SOCKS: Vans x Peanut Girl Gang Socks $15.00, SHOE LACES: Converse Checkered Laces $2.97 ($4.00), JEANS: TOPSHOP $70.00, BELT: Supreme New York 

Change your sneaker's laces and give them a new original look!


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The "How high are you... no, I mean, 'Hi, how are you?'" styling kit

SNEAKERS: Converse Breakpoint in white leather $78, SHOE LACES: Converse Checkered Laces $2.97 ($4.00)SOCKS: Isabel Marant $60.00, JEANS: TOPSHOP $75, PINSRaf Simons $178.00 ($270.00) & Yellow Cannabis Leaf Pin $10.88

Give your sneakers extra glam by pinning pins to the laces!

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The "Kawaii can be high fashion too" styling kit

SNEAKERSJoshua Sanders White Smile Rainbow Platform Sneakers $415.00 ($585.00), SHOE LACES: Vans Rasta Laces $3.99, SOCKS: Palm Angels $38.00 ($60.00), BELT: Off White Industrial Belt $160.00 ($200.00), KEY CHAIN: Vans $10.95

Don't be afraid to go crazy when you're styling your feet and don't ever let yourself blend in with the dirt on the ground!


The "I feel like Berghain is a part of my identity" styling kit

SNEAKERS: Nike Classic Cortez $90, SHOE LACES: Converse $2.97 ($3.00), SOCKS: Vetements x Reekob Metal Socks $95.00PIN: Lauren Klassen Safety Pin Earring $195, BELT: Nike Golf Belt $20, PANTS: TOPSHOP $100

Choose a neutral sneaker and pimp them with socks that are just a little too extra!



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