Slam Jam x ASICS Release an Electrifying New Sneaker

The revamped GEL-Mai is every sneakerhead's dream.


Slam Jam is a distinctive Italian retailer who seems to consistently carry us to other dimensions. Typically coming straight out of left field, Slam Jam’s previous ASICS collabs have been both trend defying and electrifying, and the team’s latest production may be the most outrageous yet. 

Meet the new GEL-Mai. First released back in the late ‘90s, the GEL-Mai is an ASICS classic that just received a futuristic revamp by Slam Jam. The new sneaker is daring and best kind of crazy. Featuring a flashy geometric pattern, the GEL-Mai ditches the iconic ASICS stripes for a colorful one-piece upper. With this new collaboration, Slam Jam has created two color combination options: a subdued black with blue for a more conservative look or an eccentric green with violet that just vies for your attention. The collab partnered with Office Magazine to create a fresh, modern look book. Check out the shoot below to decide which GEL-Mai color wave you prefer. 

Fizzy Mag attended the ASICS x Slam Jam GEL-Mai launch party in Milan and got one of the first looks at this brand new sneaker release. Take a peep at our party pics to see exclusive shots of this wild collaboration.

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