A New You in No Time: the Simplest of Ways to Upgrade Your Appearance

Small stept to a refreshed and new you.


There are times when we want to reinvigorate the look of the person staring back at us in the mirror. We can all feel that sometimes the only option is to make massive alterations, but actually, there are some simple methods that everybody can benefit from: 

Teeth and Hair Changes

A regular visit to the dentist may seem like a non-essential part of your priorities, but if you are looking at your teeth and you see plaque or something about your teeth niggles away at the back of your mind, a simple checkup might be all you need. If you feel self-conscious when you smile at someone, there are plenty of options that, in a matter of months, can make you feel totally reinvigorated and refreshed. Likewise, a new hairstyle can enhance your overall appearance, as long as it suits your face shape.

Regular Exercise

A very simple thing, and it doesn't consist of hours on a treadmill either! Choosing the right types of exercise can burn fat, build strength, and make you feel like a whole new you. One of the best practices for anybody looking to tick off a whole number of tasks on their exercise checklist is to buy a kettlebell. In fact, three simple exercises, the kettlebell swing, goblet squat, and the Turkish get-up, can be all you need to sculpt a whole new body and have functional strength. When you have a healthy weight and improve your posture, you will carry yourself differently, and you will feel better in yourself.

Staying Hydrated

Another simple thing, but how much water do you really drink per day? Lots of people talk about the benefits of how you're draining, and when you're hydrating your body, your organs are doing their jobs properly, blood goes around the body, and you are detoxing yourself in the purest way. Of course, if you're not eating the right stuff, pure hydration won't cut it, but having an adequate amount of water every day with a balanced diet will give you a healthy complexion.

Improving Your Posture

Strengthening your core and back muscles is essential for everybody now that we sit at our desks for eight hours a day and then come home and sit on the couch for even more. Posture practices, such as the Alexander technique, and doing some core strengthening exercises every day will help you to stand upright and feel far more self-assured.

Working on Self-Confidence

If you are self-conscious about your appearance, this will stem from a lack of compassion for yourself. Similarly, a lack of confidence can be devastating to your sense of self over time. Working on your self-confidence will be one of the most significant upgrades you will ever make to your overall appearance because you are doing it from the inside out.

If you want to make massive changes to your life, you may think that it’s all about the big changes, but simple upgrades are all you need. Remember, every journey starts with the smallest of steps.