Glasses Or No Glasses? How To Decide What Suits You Best

Find the perfect eyewear for your style and vision needs.


If you’re someone with less-than-perfect vision, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of whether you should wear glasses or not. Specs can look great on some people, but not so good on others. 

What’s the deal, here? 

Well, you’re about to find out. This post explores whether you should wear glasses or not, and how to decide what works for you the best. 

Whether glasses suit you depends on an array of personal characteristics. And, in many cases, only persistent experimentation will tell you if they are the right choice for you, or if you should get laser vision surgery. 

Ultimately, whether you wear glasses will depend on the interaction between your:

  • Skin tone

  • Personality

  • Lifestyle

  • Hair color

  • Fashion choices

  • Face shape

  • Facial feature distribution

The following are some tips you can leverage to decide whether wearing glasses is actually something you want to do, or if it’s for someone else. 

Know That There Are Alternatives

The first step is to recognize that there are alternatives. Contact lenses and laser techniques are both methods that negate the need for surgery. You might want to spend a few days or weeks in contact to see if you prefer how they look. If you do, you can stick with them, or find a non-glasses solution to your eyesight issues. 

You can also cycle through different pairs of glasses. Not all are the same. Some will look good on you, while others won’t. It’s entirely up to you which you choose and why. 

Get People To Provide Feedback

Another pro tip is to ask family and friends to provide you with feedback telling you whether your glasses are any good or not. Usually, you’ll get honest answers if you start the conversation with your glasses on and then take them off and see what they say. Then, all you need to do is build up a picture of what the majority of people prefer. Usually, the results will emerge as a strong split in favor of one option over the other. 

Consider What You Like

You should also consider what you like and the type of look you are going for. Some people love wearing glasses because it gives them a sense of sophistication. People perceive those who wear them as being significantly more intelligent than average, which might help in certain occupations. 

Consider Your Daily Activities

At the same time, consider your activities and how wearing glasses could potentially help you. People who work outdoors or play sports for instance might need to opt for durable glasses, or none at all, to ensure they don’t break them. Meanwhile, those that spend a lot of time at the computer might benefit from specs significantly because of their ability to reduce eye strain. 

Experiment With Various Colors And Styles

Finally, spend time experimenting with various colors and styles. Try on different types of glasses and see which works best for you. Eventually, you’ll discover a color or shape that suits your face and makes you feel confident.