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Shane Dawson’s Apology Reaps No Forgiveness, As YouTube Strips Him Of Ads

It’s #karmageddon for Shane Dawson as he comes under fire for his inappropriate content.


In a saga that followers have termed ‘#karmageddon’ Shane Dawson, YouTuber and comedian, has had his ability to make money off YouTube stripped, his books taken off the Target shelves and his makeup line is being removed from Morphe.
Since his online career began back in 2008 the vlogger has built up an extensive collection of offensive content that last week he apologized for in a video, admitting to viewers that: ‘I have put so much hate on the internet.’

Dawson’s back catalog of insult includes but is not limited to: blackface, mocking disability, joking about pedophilia, and using racial slurs.
Most recently Jada Pinkett Smith has called out Dawson, and rightly so, after a video of him making inappropriate sexual gestures over a then eleven year old Willow Smith came back into circulation. 

Following his personal admission of hatred, a review by the media channel of his oftentimes low-brow antics proved that his behavior would no longer be tolerated.
And it’s not just YouTube, Target and Morphe that are dropping Dawson out, he is also in a feud with once YouTuber friends Tati Westbrook and James Charles. This comes after Westbrook accused Dawson of purposefully trying to turn the 2 vloggers against each other. 

It seems that Dawson is under fire from all angles and dare we say, #cancelled. But in 2020, the year of stepping up and taking accountability, we can only stan with people taking the initiative to call out misconduct by celebrities online. 


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