Sexual Abuse Investigation Against Prince Andrew Put On Hold Because 'Papers Weren’t Served Properly'

Prince Andrew’s layers say sex abuse charges are ‘baseless’


The civil case Virginia Giuffre, an American-Australian campaigner supporting sex trafficking victims, has launched against Prince Andrew, Duke of York, has been dismissed. 

Giuffre, who is now 38, accuses the duke of having taken advantage of her when she was 17 years old. The sexual abuse supposedly occurred in London at the home of Ghislaine Maxwell as well as at properties owned by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 

Prince Andrew denied the charges on multiple occasions, claiming that said incidents ‘never happened’. 

Legal papers must be ‘served’ to the prince in order for the case over allegations of sexual abuse to proceed. The papers were handed to the police officer who was on duty outside of the duke’s home in Windsor on August 27th. 

After unanswered attempts to reach the duke and his lawyers, leaving the papers with the police officer on site was deemed appropriate by Ms Giuffre’s legal team. 

It is unclear whether his lawyers agree that Prince Andrew was served properly. It also not known whether the Queen’s second son was at his residence at the time. 

In the case documents it says the ‘extreme and outrageous conduct’ cause MS Giuffre ‘significant emotional and psychological distress and harm’. 

'In this country no person, whether president or prince, is above the law, and no person, no matter how powerless or vulnerable, can be deprived of the law's protection,'  it further says in the documents.

Buckingham Palace did not comment on the litigation and has further declined to comment on whether the Duke of York was served. 

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