Get Your Guy From Zero To O! Faster Than You Can Count To 10!


Way back in 1959 when your grandparents were somehow making tons of kids in separate beds, the curious researchers at the Mayo Clinic were figuring out new paths to eroticism. While it doesnt take much research to know how great a bad touch can feel, the study detailed whats known aserogenous zones: those parts of the body that, when manipulated, can really arouse a person.

When it comes to stimulating a man, the penis is probably the first go-to spot. And who could blame you; its full of nerves and can be sucked and rubbed in a billion different ways to produce that oh-so-standard money shot. But when you want to break away from that option, here are 5 hidden hot spots that really prove his body is a wonderland.

1. Scalp

You know those crazy, metal spider-looking things that are in every Brookstone throughout America? These scalp massagers are so popular because of their ability to stimulate the many erogenous zones of the head. If youve got long nails, you can mimic the effect by giving your mans head a scratch all over. Itll send a tingle up his spine and can be fun to see how long he can endure the pleasure.

Pro Tip: Arousal through the scalp is a really great move to pull out when youre taking one of those romantic showers. Wash his hair to give that head a good rub-down and hell likely want to get dirty after youre already clean.

2. Nose

The nose is possibly one of the least sexy body parts, especially when you think of how quickly a sour smell can kill a mood. But our honkers are incredible appendages that are packed with a unique structure that can unlock all sorts of good feelings. In addition to being able to detect pheromones that awaken attraction, the nose has internal tissues that are responsible for enhanced sensitivity and increased blood flow.

Pro Tip: Sneak in for an innocent Eskimo kiss and surprise him by giving his nose cartilage a tiny, soft bite. The result is a little similar to when you nibble on the ear. Maybe dont try this if he has a nose job?

3. Belly Button

The belly button isnt just a leftover from the days of umbilical support. Its connected to the vagus nerve, which is responsible for a lot of feels in the groins. Massaging, licking, or applying pressure to the belly button can be a great way to awaken a guys loins. Just be careful, some guys may feel the need to pee instead of becoming aroused.

Pro Tip: If youre looking forsomething to do with your hands during a blowjob, apply pressure to the belly button to send his hips thrusting. For a more subtle introduction to navel play, try sliding an ice cube around the cavity.

4. Back of the Knees

Heres a weird fact: Areas of a mans body that arent so hairy tend to have more nerve endings. While the back of the knees may feel like an armpit, they are rich with tempting touch points that can be tickled, kissed, or scratched.

Pro Tip: Next time youre on a dinner date, grab around the lower thigh to apply pressure to the back of his knees. It will look like nothing more than a sweet act of affection, but in reality, youll be subtly preparing him for dessert.

5. Feet

While women tend to get off on toe stimulation, the soles of a mans feet can send a pleasure shock up through his legs right to the pelvic area. In acupressure, this spot is referred to as the Bubbling Spring and can be found at the center of his sole. A few years ago, Smithonian reported that maybe this spot wasnt that erogenous, but you just try and deny the pleasure that comes with an intense foot massage.

Pro Tip: Use lotion when applying your thumb around the Bubbling Spring, itll reduce friction and provide uninterrupted stimulation of the nerves. Its also a good way to moisturize those dry dogs.

There are plenty more erogenous zones hidden throughout the body and not every person will respond the same when they are stimulated. Remember: These zones often dont need much to get the nerves going, so start light and slow until you find his sweet spot.