Selfie Skillz: Apps To Take Your Shots From Zero To Hero!

Fake it till you make it.


If we are honest, there is a lot we would do to get that perfect selfie. Wait for the sun to set so the lighting is perfect, stretch and contort our bodies to get that perfect angle. Then there is the decision of filters, and edits. When does it end?

Not to worry the App store has you covered. If you type in the words 'face edits'€™ into the search bar and the options are endless, and slightly overwhelming. Every App claims to be the best, much like diet adverts, it shows you amazing before and after photos that though unrealistic, really reel you in. We're here to let you know about three Apps that might help lighten the burden of taking a good selfie; Facetune, Afterlight, and Beauty Plus.

Facetune the mother of all editing apps. This app is simply phenomenal, you can get magazine quality photos at the swipe of a finger. It cuts the labor intensive photo shop hours down to a mere minutes. Making skin smooth and pimple free, whitening teeth and reshaping your face to either look fuller or to be slimmed down. And just when you thought that was all they had, you get to add exciting filters also! Now this all sounds very exciting, but to truly transform yourself into this flawless goddess, you must be willing to shed out some cash, however it might just be worth it when everyone has selfie envy staring at your perfect photos.

Now Afterlight is an interesting one. It advertises really cool combination of edits, and you can press the fusion filter button and that will be instantly applied to the photo without spending time on your laptop remembering combinations. It's a trial and error process as you don't really know what you'€™re going to get when you press that button. So to pay for an app that you’re not sure how it will turn out is a bit risky. For selfies I'd say no to Afterlight, but if you're into taking scenic photos to prove you do more than just take pictures of you on Instagram then maybe give it a try. You can send postcards of the photos you edit to family and friends, thanks to its partnership with sincerely.com. Which could be one of the reasons to buy the app.

Finally an app that's FREE. For a limited time in the US and the UK Beauty Plus will be free, that's right for a fee of zero dollars! The Chinese app Beauty plus has quickly become one of the best around. You can choose to either take a selfie or upload one with this app. You have quite a few choices in this app. You can brighten the photo, remove blemishes stretch out your eyes and face as well as slim down your face and brighten up your eyes. You can do a lot with this app and the fact that it’s free only makes it more exciting! It doesn’t have the most realistic effect as Facetune and if you're going for the super realistic photo maybe don't use beauty plus, but still makes any selfie look absolutely fantastic.

Free editing apps are truly the way to go! But before every photo you take the number one tip is to remember that a photo is just a photo and that with or without these photo enhancements your selfie is still and always will be flawless. Have fun trying out any of these apps!