Self-Tanning Tools To Glow This Spring

How To Fake That Summer Tan This March


Maintaining a tan throughout the rainy winter months is honestly a full-time job, right? Every Thursday night we have an ‘everything shower’, washing our hair and shaving every inch of our bodies to prep them for tanning mouse. The dreaded streaky legs, dark dry patches and orange hands haunt us every week, not to mention the stained bedsheets and towels we are constantly trying to avoid. We endure this pain and look flawless over the weekend, just to wake up with tiger bread skin on Monday morning and dreading reaching Thursday to start all over again. 

We know that weekend preparations can be a chore, but what if there were some tools to ease the drag of self-tanning, and even create a better end result? Personally, I’d say sign me up! So if you are struggling with recreating your summer glow, take a look at some of our tips and tricks to avoid those self-tan disasters this season:

Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk

Bondi Sands

The key to maintaining a streak-free tan is moisturized skin. This body milk is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to nourish the skin, with added tanning ingredients to create a natural glow. The color payoff is lighter than a tanning foam so it’s the perfect product for a low-maintenance, natural tan in place of a tanning foam. Or, you can wear this on top of your weekly tan as a daily color top-up and to keep your skin hydrated.

Extra Dark Drops