Saskia Jung On Fresh Trends For 2017 And Top Tips To Break Into The Fashion Industry

Secrets of a stylist.


Saskia Jung is an up-and-coming stylist based in Berlin. A lover of travel and all things retro, she is also the founder of a vintage shop known as Vintageparrot. The shop is colorful place to find inspiration and clothing from all over the world; it is also a representation of Saskia's personal style. We caught up with the stylist to learn more about her journey into the world of fashion, experience as an entrepreneur and upcoming trends for 2017. 

Where are you from and how did you grow up?

Since I was 6, I lived in Dortmund. A so called Ruhrpott Göre ;) Before that, we also lived for a while in Prague because of my fathers job….  He was still living there for a few years after I moved away… So, every summer I was there with my older brother to visit him. He lived outside of town next to a farm, and of course, as a child it’s a paradise to play there. Since I was only there during summers, I spend most of the time with my Mum and my stepfather. Dortmund is not the most beautiful city, but what I like about it is that the people are down to earth. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing, they are nice to you.

How did you get into fashion? 

My Mum was running a vintage store for a couple of years, so since I was a child, I was surrounded by fashion. At 16, I started to work beside my school in one of the hippest clothing stores in town. Of course, I was proud of that. Selling Miss Sixty Jeans, which were at that time my absoloute favourite denim. I loved to get together with different people and inspire them and find the right thing for them. So, I already decided at a very young age to work in the fashion industry. Later, I was studying Textile and Clothing Management and did one of my first internships in Istanbul at a production company. While I was there, I was so amazed by Istanbul and all the different facets of the fashion production industry.

You provide a hell of a lot of services: from content creation to streetstyle hunting to styling. Which one do you like the most? 

To be honest, each field is very interesting for me. I have passion for all those fields, and somehow, they are connected to each other in a way. 

Is there anything you don’t do? Lol

Hahaha, well I am a super woman and a all-around-talent. I'm always looking for the next challenge.

So you were just in Latin America with only a backpack. How hard is it for a real fashionista to travel with only a few basic fashion pieces?

Haha, now you got me. Well to be honest, the first few days I was a little bit scared that I would not survive the adventure. But I felt relieved after a few days to travel with just a backpack and nothing else. The experience is about yourself, the beautiful nature around you and the interesting people you are meeting during your journey. So, you should give those things all your attention. By the end, I was wearing almost the same stuff every day... like a shirt and a denim pants. It’s funny how fast you get used to your environment and your surroundings. But of course, I was also having my fashionista moments there and bought some amazing vintage pieces during that journey.

You started your own online vintage shop and platform called Vintageparrot, where you are selling high quality vintage pieces from all over the globe. How did that idea come along? 

This idea started in London. I was living there for about two years before I came to Berlin. As a true vintage lover, I went almost every weekend to the vintage markets. Sometimes, I was also selling stuff there. London is known for their beautiful vintage shops and markets. I was amazed by all those beautiful pieces around me. When I started a job as sales associates at Selfridges, people asked me sometimes where I bought my pieces. Almost every outfit included at least one vintage item. So, I suddenly started buying vintage pieces for customers and got more and more private orders. After a few weeks, this business was getting bigger and bigger. I decided to leave London and make my own business out of that, and the rest is history.

You are a legit workaholic. How do you keep the balance in your life? 

Travelling. I think the best thing to keep balance is to get out of your daily box and spend a long weekend in another country. It doesn’t matter if I'm with friends or alone, I love it to discover new places and to meet new people. But, also spending time with my family as much as possible gives me a lot of new energy.

What inspires you when it comes to styling? 

I am getting inspired almost every day. On the streets, during travelling or just hanging out with my friends …. All those things can inspire you somehow and flow into your work.

You can turn a person into something completely different.  Everyone can be anything no matter who you are because of fashion. It’s like a cocoon that becomes a beautiful butterfly.

What photographers, videographer or models have you worked with lately? What kind of projects?

A very interesting project I just did a while ago was for Nike.  I was working with four other stylists from China, Korea, Paris and London to do the styling for Vashti Cunningham and Madison Keys, two athletes from the States. Girlpower big time. Every stylist had their own style, and it’s great to get together and to see how every stylist has their own interpretation of styling. But I was also in front of the camera for this project as Saskia from Berlin. So actually two roles…. in front and behind the camera.

Lauren Reynolds was the photographer. A great talent from London. You should check her out… her Insta is stephwilsonshoots

What are key fashion trends for 2017?

Denim is always in, and I love that. There are two Italian friends of mine based in Berlin running the label Fade Out, and I love their stuff. They are collecting vintage denim pieces around the world and creating their own styles out of that. And of course retro sunglasses with glasses in blue, yellow or orange. I just bought a pair from Mauerpark in Berlin for 5€.  But also a cool suit in red, blue or velvet. Doesn’t matter if it's oversize or more tight... suits are a good base in your wardrobe and can be combined with anything. One of my favourites is this hottie right now made by Sheena.

What brands/label do we need in our wardrobe right now? 

Sheena is one of my favourite labels right now. I love the combination of haute couture elements twisted with sporty fittings. We did a shooting in Paris with AW17 collection. I wanted to have everything…lol. Also, Leobyleo_official is a label I will keep an eye on. I was in their showroom in Paris during Fashion Week and was caught by their collection immediately.

How would you describe your own style? 

To be honest, I am a little chameleon, but each city I am traveling to automatically influences my style. When I am in Berlin, I love it to wear sneakers, a clean denim and a white t- shirt…. Highlighting it with cool accessories, like my friend's accessories lanilees_jewelry or some vintage eye catcher. Right now, I am hunting vintage fanny packs. 

Role model alert: What kind of people do you look up to? 

Every month there is another role model I find because there are so many beautiful butterflies out there. To mention some of them…

I stalk sitabellan sometimes.  Sexy but also trashy— I like that.

My friend Cheyenne Tulsa. We also worked a couple of times together. She is such a beautiful person in and outside. 

Another one of my besties, Ajdin, who is my Berlin hipster… he actually hates it when I say that, but he also inspires me with his cool Berlin dude style. 

And finally, of course also my mum. She wears mostly black and simple things…J il Sander is her favourite designer. Clean and simple— she always said less is more, which is in some situations true!

New York, Milan, Paris or London. Pick a city that represents you the most and why? 

New York. I was living in that city for almost one year. During that time, I was so inspired by all those beautiful souls around me. I learned a lot about myself there.

Each day was another adventure, and also, the streetstyle is there so amazing.  All the cities come together there. From Milan to Paris, NYC brings together fashion from all over the world and interprets the styles in a new way. That is what makes NYC one of my favourite cities in the world

When you go to the streets of Paris/London/NY, what does a person need for you to talk to him/her?

Charisma, a good vibe and a smile. 

What advice do you have for people who want to work in the fashion industry? 

Never expect too much, so you can’t be too disappointed. The industry can be beautiful but at the same time, hard and tough. Work hard for what you want, but never lose yourself in this circus. This industry can also be superficial, and of course, that can also influence you. But if you keep yourself grounded, it will be a beautiful journey.

What are your plans for this year?

I want spend more time with my friends and family, and of course still enlarge my little imperium… There are still so many exciting projects coming up, and I can’t wait to show them to all of you! 

How can people work with you? 

Just write me a message and get in touch with me! Follow Saskia on Instagram at Vintageparrot.