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Samsung Reveals New Age Foldable Flip Phone

It’s Hip To Be Square.


We love a throwback as much as the next millennial and this week, Samsung have just gone and granted us permission to bathe in our endless nostalgia. Make way for the new-old smartphone. 

At the 2019 Developer Conference Samsung officially unveiled their upcoming phone model; a foldable, modern take on the mid Noughties flip phone. 


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While release and pricing details are yet to be disclosed, Samsung has dropped an exclusive sneak-peak YouTube video showing off the stylish phone’s versatility as it is folded into a compact square. Major Motorola Razr flashbacks! 

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the release details on samsung.com. Petition to throw out the iPhones and bask in all that mid-Noughties nostalgia from now on? We think yes…


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