Samira's 'Toxic' Unleashes a Rising Star's Journey from Covers to Chart-Toppers

From YouTube Covers to Chart-Topping Originals.


British rising pop star Samira is making waves with her latest release, "Toxic." Following the success of her previous singles like "Envy Me," Samira continues to captivate her audience with confessional lyrics and an irresistible club beat.

"Toxic" delves into the dynamics of emotionally abusive relationships, drawing from Samira's personal experiences. The song's fun and sassy exterior hides a deeper message, exploring why people endure bad behavior in relationships and why they return to such situations.

This marks Samira's fourth solo single, co-written with notable talents like Kal Lavelle (known for his work with Ed Sheeran), Tancrede Rouff, and Theo Douke. With each release, Samira is solidifying her position as Britain's new princess of pop.

Her journey in the music industry began with a cover of Shanice's '90s classic "I Love Your Smile," which garnered over 7 million streams and caught the attention of BBC Radio 1. Samira draws inspiration from legendary Black dance-pop queens like Rihanna, Janet Jackson, and Kelly Rowland, establishing herself as a triple-threat entertainer to watch. After honing her craft in the studio and on the West End stage, Samira is ready to step into the spotlight in a big way in 2023. Keep an eye on this emerging pop sensation as she continues to make her mark on the music scene.